Does Your Bike Need Servicing or Repair?

Does your bike need servicing or Repair? Cycling is fun, it’s good for your health and it’s easy on the gas budget. Cycling is most fun & healthy on a quality, tuned bicycle. Whether you’re a first-time rider, a seasoned commuter, or a recreational enthusiast you’ll find fast, fair and friendly service with the certified mechanics at Pete’s.

BEFORE YOU BRING YOUR BIKE TO THE SHOP… here are our servicing options:

#1: Fun & Fitness
TUNE-UPS:  Maintenance and Preventative-Maintenance.   We perform tune-ups & repairs on any bicycle,  subject to our safety inspection.  We provide free estimates, and upgraded parts and accessories are available.  
$79.00*  to  $89.00*  for any bicycle purchased at Pete’s Bike & Fitness Shoppe.   (Tune-Up price less for foot-brake bike without gears)  
$89.00*  to  $99.00*  for any bicycle purchased elsewhere.  
Tune-Up prices slightly higher for carbon-fiber framed bicycle purchased elsewhere. 
NEW BIKE ASSEMBLY, FUNE-TUNING, TESTING (bike purchased in a box)    $78.00* to $89.00*   ,   carbon-frame $119.00*  
*(plus parts & any extra labor items requested). 
Bike repairs by Petes Bile and Fitness Shoppe
#2:  Old-ee but Good-ee
For any bicycle that is more than 15 years old, or has been ridden to a high mileage, or has been neglected,  servicing and repair may cost more than the tune-up prices listed above.  There also may be some safety risks such as;  Internal frame corrosion,  Wheel & spoke fatigue / collapse,  Bearing failure,  Brake failure.
  • PB&FS can inspect this bicycle for free , and/or provide you with a free estimate for servicing or repair.
  • #3 Disposable
    Any bicycle that doesn’t seem to run smoothly “soon” after purchase, or becomes less fun to ride “soon” after purchase, could be labeled as ‘unserviceable’ or ‘disposable’.   Typical sources for this bicycle could have been: big-box stores, discount stores, internet, sporting goods, and similar. PB&FS can inspect this bicycle for free, and/or provide you with a free estimate for servicing or repair.
SEE our website ‘SPECIALS” page for Tune-Up/Parts savings.