Can I use my smartphone with my bike?

Can I use my smartphone with my bike?

by Zen Marketing Inc., June 1, 2015
Can I use my smartphone with my bike? You betcha! Smartphones are amazing devices and offer a lot of diverse functions and conveniences. At Pete’s we have seen many fitness enthusiasts asking us for ways they can use their smartphone while cycling. You probably already know some awesome fitness apps to help you map, track or even coach you to better performance and fun.  
Smarpthone Holder from PetesPete’s has many super-useful fitness accessories built around smartphones. We recently mounted a smartphone holder on a triathlon bar, as shown in the smaller photo. The owner has one the newer (and larger) devices and our mounting solution fit it like a glove. He can view his GPS mapping while riding in the extended power position or on the hoods. This particular model offers corner bumpers to better fit your device and is spring loaded. It comes with a Weather Protection Bag to protect your device from rain, sweat, etc… And the touchscreen is still accessible while your smartphone is in the bag. (You can click on the image to enlarge it for more detail).  
Some smartphone holder models mount on the center stem cap; some are bar mounted. They will provide convenience and protection for your device.
WARNING: Using any device while riding can be distracting and cause accidents which might result in serious injury.

It’s all about the app

Looking for the right app for your favorite device? Here’s a few of our favorite smartphone apps for cycling. There are many to chose from, some for very little cost, if not free.  


An iPhone cycling app, Strava is probably one of the most popular apps. Strava is an awesome app that combines three things effectively: tracking your cycling, letting you explore new places to bike and a social aspect that lets you climb leaderboards. The trackers are awesome and so is the community around Strava. Best of all, it’s free for iPhone users.You can read more about Strava by clicking here.  

Cyclemeter GPS

Cyclemeter is Strava on steroids. Strava is more of a web+app service but Cyclometer is fully iPhone/iPad-only. The app brings a combination of several things: GPS, trackers, history of your past rides, iCloud support, visual graphs, trainers, planners. If you’re looking ride consistently, Cyclemeter may be just the app to boost the cycling experience. Click here if you would like to read more.  

Coach My Ride

This is a serious cycling training app to improve your performances. Coach My Ride is often mentioned by customers as a favorite coaching app. The app offers lessons which have been developed by “elite” cycling coach Lionel Reynaud. Through hundreds of cycling workouts and personalized coaching plans, the app teaches and trains you. There are workouts under 12 different categories. You get more information about the app by clicking here.  

Map my Ride+

Map My Ride has expanded and become even more powerful. This was the first cycling app to feature an integrated GPS camera. Map My Ride app does almost everything you would expect from a cycling tracker. Track calories burnt, nutrition and food, there’s even voice prompts on your progress. The app also integrates with different sensors. Of course, you can share your results with friends and on various social networking platforms, too. Want to learn more? Click here.  

Check out the “store” for your device.

The Apple, Android or Windows Mobile stores are a great place to research. Read the user reviews, check out how many times the app has been downloaded, and see screen shots of the user interface. You’ll love being able to map your rides… and maybe never get lost again!  

Do you have a favorite cycling smartphone app?

Please share the app you prefer and why it has become your favorite, using the comments section below.

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