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For scheduling of impromptu rides, click on the “Specials” tab.
If you are looking for a great route for your next ride, consider one of these! Every route we recommend on our website has been ridden by one of the Pete’s team but sometimes storms or construction may affect a route. If you run across something on one of our recommended routes please let us know so we may share it with our email subscribers and social media followers.
On our route directions, we have tried to indicate where water, food, or rest areas may be found. If you find (or know of) a great rest spot not mentioned in our routes, please use the comment box at the bottom of this page and share it with our readers.
BEFORE EVERY RIDE DO A PROPER SAFETY CHECK! Always wear an approved helmet and be certain to check your brakes, chain, derailleurs, tires, and inflation (tires may lose up to two pounds of air pressure just sitting in the garage!).Click to see our ride prep infographic.

Here are a few of our most popular routes, with something for everyone. Click on the icon to download a printable PDF.

Petes Download Icon 50pxSouth County Loop
Petes Download Icon 50pxRoad Rode West Hunterdon County
Petes Download Icon 50pxOff Pavement Rides
Petes Download Icon 50pxHunterdon 50 Miler, Scenic
Petes Download Icon 50pxHalf Metric Century
Petes Download Icon 50pxFlat 30 Miles
Petes Download Icon 50pxEasy Rides


    • George Upton
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    • February 20, 2017

    It is great that you post the 7 documents with different biking routes to give people a variety to choose from. In each document you mention doing a 10 point safety check but I am not able to find a listing or document with those 10 points on your website, did I miss it?

      • Zen Marketing Inc.
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      • February 21, 2017

      Hello George, and thanks for your commenting. We are working on a new infographic to visually explain the 10 points and will have it on the website shortly. Not necessarily in order of importance:

        Check tires for punctures or road debris
        Also check tires to ensure proper tire inflation (they can lose up to 2 psi per week sitting still!)
        Brake pads (check for stopping power and alignment with the rim)
        Wheels (spin check to ensure they are true, and no wobbles or rubbing)
        Chain (clean and lubricated, and at the proper tension)
        Insure the saddle is secure, and at the proper riding angle and height
        Insure the handlebar and stem are set to the right angle and height, and that they are secure
        Make certain pedals and crank arms (left and right) spin effortlessly are pedals are tight
        Derailleurs should be checked for debris and/or damage (an annual "tune-up" from Pete's will insure limit screws and barrel adjusters are properly set to allow for precise shifting across all gears)
        Tighten quick release axles by hand; tighten locknuts with 15mm wrench

      Safe and fun riding! - PBFS

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