Great Special Offers from Pete’s

Great Special Offers from Pete’s

by Zen Marketing Inc., October 7, 2015

Raleigh-16_Venture-3.0_M_BlackYou’ll love the new, easier rolling, bikes from Raleigh.

October is the ideal time to enjoy great special offers from Pete’s. These models new the newest 27.5-inch diameter wheels to make your cycling experience the best ever. Pete’s has this new approach in stock on the most popular frame styles, including:
  • Comfort Bikes
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Fitness Bikes
Adult Raleigh bicycles start at only $349-, and like every bike we sell these come fully assembled, fine-tuned, and professionally tested.
Early 2016 introductory pricing is now in effect. Test Ride One Soon!

Bicycle headlight from Pete'sSee and Be Seen!

If you ever find yourself riding at dusk or at night, you’ll appreciate the safety and added visibility the right bicycle light can provide. The newest headlights are more powerful than before, providing light up to 800 lumens in intensity. But seeing what is ahead is only half the story; rear flashing lights can be seen for hundreds of yards, with technology producing battery life of 100 hours. These should be used in combination with a headlight.

We also recommend (and have in stock) helmet flashers, reflective leg & arm bands, and neon-color jackets.
For a limited time be safer and save! Enjoy a 10% discount on lights, and 20% discount on jackets!

Raleigh-16_Roker-Comp_BlueBlackDo you ride for Exercise?

Are you tired of short-wheelbase road bicycles and those thin tires, where it seems as if:
  • You feel every crack in the road?
  • The steering is overly sensitive?
  • It’s still your old bike from college?
The you will want to check out our selection of new 2016 fitness bicycles. We have models for the intermediate to serious fitness cyclists, bikes that offer a longer wheelbase, easier rolling tires ranging from 25mm to 40mm widths, and raised steering for more comfortable handling.

Prices start at only $549, and like every bike from Pete’s your new fitness bike will come fully assembled, fine-tuned, and professionally tested.
Test Ride one soon, while we have fall and early Winter pricing in effect.