Marin Bikes

The MARIN Bolinas-Ridge-1 and Wild-Cat-Trail-1 beginner mountain bike shares many of the features of the Specialized Pitch.  Some features of the Pitch are missing from the Bolinas-Ridge-1, but in doing so the price can be below $460.00.   Everything about the B-R-1 and W-C-T-1 meets our quality and durability standards here at Pete’s Bike & Fitness, and we add a heavy-duty alloy kickstand to complete the package. ……….There are 5 sizes available, most in 2 colors. Want a full-blown mountain bike that sends chills…..  See the new Hawk Hill. Stinson (not to be confused with the English/Scottish surname heritage) names the comfort-bike from MARIN with these features:  lightweight….. smooth-riding….. easy gear-shifting…..   Feel the difference. The San-Rafael-1 goes anywhere (almost) with a mid-size tire width, spring suspension-fork, rapid-fire shifting, aluminum frame, double-wall rim wheels.   All for under $600.00, assembled, tested, fine-tuned.   marin-bolinas-ridge-7.1-copy-290248-11 Stop in and browse our selection of Marin bikes, or check out the Marin Bikes website.