Most Comfortable Road Bike

Most Comfortable Road Bike

by Zen Marketing Inc., May 11, 2015
Is there a comfortable road bike? Can I increase my miles without feeling like my spine is compressed? Road cyclists are seemingly on a Don Quixote-like quest to improve the comfort of their rides, as anyone who has ever completed a century will attest. Every road cyclist who strives to progress through the summer, adding longer and longer distances to their rides, would surely be interested in that silver bullet that leads to enhanced riding comfort.

With the introduction of their new Pulsium frame, Lapierre has pioneered a revolutionary way to enhance the ride qualities of a carbon fiber frame.

Carbon fiber is a preferred frame material because it provides light weight and incredible stiffness. In advanced riders that stiffness converts into speed but there is a cost in terms of comfort. Everyday riders, especially those of us that are a “little older” or have a few more miles under our saddles appreciate the light weight of a carbon frame but would really appreciate diminishing the effects of the bumps in the road.

What Makes The Pulsium Frame Different?

The Pulsium frame integrates two different carbon fiber weaves, applying the highest modulus carbon across the parts of the frame that generate power, and a reduced modulus carbon in the seat stays and seat tube. That alone would create a more forgiving ride beneath the saddle, but the engineers at Lapierre took a unique idea and designed a shock absorption technology and integrated it directly into the frame (see the graphic shown here).

The end result can be summed up in two words: Stability and Efficiency. This new frame provides better pedal power transfer through oversized high modulus carbon fiber tubing, bottom bracket, and chinstays. It also offers very high lateral rigidity, which is noticeable the first time you climb on it.

The unique curved seatstays and top tube, and the optimized carbon fiber layup provide a level of absorption you’ll want to experience for yourself. Long rides have never felt this good. These endurance race bikes are designed to make the time in the saddle more enjoyable than ever without losing the performance you deserve.

Lapierre Pulsium Tech

Not familiar with Lapierre?

Well, that’s largely because they lack the large marketing budgets of the big U.S. producers but for over 67 years Lapierre has been crafting race-worthy bikes for some of Europe’s best teams. World-class champion road cyclists like Team and mountain bikers Team Lapierre Gravity Republic are winning big on Lapierre bikes.

Pete’s Bike & Fitness Shoppe is one of only a few select dealers for Lapierre and we have several variations of the new Pulsium bike in stock. Stop in the shop and let us show the revolutionary Pulsium bike to you.

Watch a brief video on the Lapierre Pulsium bikes:

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