Special Father’s Day & Beyond Savings

Special Father’s Day & Beyond Savings

by Zen Marketing Inc., June 16, 2015
Raleigh iE Bike smallOver the years we have discovered there’s no such thing as a typical bike customer and the same is true with e-bikes.

What’s an e-bike?

An e-bike is an intelligent electric-assisted bicycle that has an add-on motor, for assistance only when needed or to run with the throttle open for fastest coverage of a greater distance. Our selection of e-bikes are from Raleigh, and are built with the top-flite sealed motors and the longest lasting batteries.

Shown at top is the Raleigh Venture-iE model; below it is the Masceo-iE model. Both offer a high-quality aluminum frame and Shimano components.

Raleigh Misceo-iE Bike small Commuters may not want to sweat, change clothes or have to shower at work. These people are often already cyclists, but may also want to get to work faster, or may feel that their commute is too long or too hilly to do every day on a normal bike. Some e-bike users tackle the work commute on a normal bike a few days a week and other days on an e-bike. E-bikes are also great for pulling trailers to drop off kids on the way to work (and we have a great selection of trailers, too).

Through July 30th… 20% off in-stock models of e-Bikes by Raleigh.

You will save between $450 and $600 off these advanced models. Of course that also means expert assembly and a high quality bike overall.

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