by Dan, November 19, 2015

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October Sale

5% of Purchase-Price in FREE Accessories with Purchase of any Road Bike in stock
  $35.00 FREE Accessories with Purchase of:
Choose from great models like Pitch-Sport, Fuse, Roll-Elite, Sirrus-Sport, Sirrus-Elite
  $25.00 FREE Accessories with Purchase of:
Choose from our Pitch, HardRock 650b & Myka, Roll-Sport, Roll, Expedition, Cross-Roads-Sport, CrossRoads, Sirrus, and Vita models
  $15.00 FREE Accessories with Purchase of:
SPECIALIZED Kids’ bike in 24”, 20”,16”,12” sizes
  50% OFF*
Short-Sleeve Jerseys with Pockets, from $21.00
  30% OFF*
Long-Sleeve Jerseys & Jackets, from $50.00
Bib-Shorts with Suspender, from $69.00
  10% OFF*
    Gloves from $21.00 Castelli, Padded Shorts from $52.00 Safety Lights from $13.00 E-Z use Air-Pumps from $29.00
  *Discounts are deducted from ‘white/msrp’ price. In-Stock items only. Special discounts & ‘yellow’ prices cannot be combined. For a limited time only.

All New Bicycles from PB&FS are meticulously


FREE Fitting and FREE Servicing included.