Why Shop Online?

by Dan, May 20, 2016

Yes: Internet (& Big-Box-Store) Bikes are

Lower Priced Bikes.

As with some clothing, toys, T.V.’s, vitamins, Internet & big-box-store bicycles can also have an initial lower price. Remember: The initial price of a bicycle is only 1 of 8 price components. The other 7 costs are:
      2. Assembly Labor
      3. Fine-Tuning Labor*
      4. Fitting Labor (Sizing, Comfort, Components)
      5. Cardboard recycling/disposal of packing materials Labor
      6. Free Service/Tune-Up Labor (following break-in period)
      7. Service & Parts availability.
      8. Free freight/shipping (to locale).
*The importance of the value of Fine-Tuning is it assures proper equipment safety & reliability & performance.

Pete’s Bike & Fitness Shoppe bicycles are priced where all 8 price components are included.

Typically, bicycle industry research indicates Internet (& Big-Box-Store) bikes do not include most (or all) of the following features:
    • Professional assembly by certified mechanics**.
  • Proper physical fitting of bicycle size to the cyclist.
  • Availability in a multitude of sizes.
  • Service & Parts availability after the purchase.
  • Free Service/Tune-Up of bicycle following the break-in period.
  • Fine-Tuning of bicycle to highest industry standards.**
  • Free freight/shipping (to locale).
  • Testing of bicycle prior to purchase.
  • Warranty locally, and on a timely basis.
**Average labor costs to professionally assemble & fine-tune a bicycle is $88.00. The range is from $60.00 for kids’ bikes to $130.00 for high-performance bikes.